Attack on Geo News DSNG van

Arshad Ali Jaffery, , September 08, 2015, Sindh
On 8 September 2015, the Geo News digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) van was attacked by unknown gunmen who killed satellite technical engineer Arshad Ali Jaffery and wounded the driver, Anis Chauhan. The incident occurred in Karachi, Pakistan.

Jaffery received seven bullets to his chest, neck and upper body, while Chauhan was struck by a bullet in the shoulder and is in stable condition.

The Geo News van was parked outside while two of the employees had gone inside a store; Jaffery and Chauhan were waiting for them by the roadside.

Three men on a motorbike approached the TV station van. One of them got off the bike, fired multiple shots at the van and then fled from the scene.

The injured driver drove the vehicle to a private hospital where Jaffery was pronounced dead.

Munir Ahmed Shaikh, Deputy Inspector General (head of police) in the region, said police found nine bullet shells from a 9mm pistol at the crime scene and were checking the CCTV footage.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Name: Arshad Ali Jaffery Gender: Male Name of Organization: Geo News Job title: satellite technical engineer Professional Category: Media worker City: Karachi Province: Sindh Date of Incident: 08-09-2015 Age at Incident: 45
Was FIR Registered: Yes Date of FIR: 09-09-2015 Name of Accused in FIR: Unknown Was Case Investigated: Yes Comments by APNS: Commnets by CPNE: Commnets by PBA: Condemned Comments by PFUJ: Condemned Commnets by CPJ: Condemned Commnets by RSF: Condemned Commnets by IPI: Commnets by IFJ: Condemned

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