Ahmed Faraz

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Case Update Status

Case Closed, because IG punjab Mr. Ghani transferred both of the police officials and no legal proceedings were done.

Summary of Case

"On 21 January, 2021 a senior officer of Punjab Police in Lahore hurled direct threat at Geo News channel’s crime reporter Ahmed Faraz for filing a report on “violation” of merit policy in transfers and postings the officer’s wife tweeted. “Would kill you,” Superintendent of Police (SP) Abdul Wahab told Faraz at DIG Investigation Office in Lahore after the journalist used the tweet of another police officer, Aisha Butt, who is wife of Mr Wahab to file the report about what Aisha Butt tweeted. Aisha removed the tweet after her high-ups expressed displeasure over making the issue public. Aisha Butt, who is SP-level officer of Punjab Police, tweeted that Punjab Police was “ignored” merit policy while transferring and posting cops. Freedom Network condemned the behavior of Police officials. On March 13, 2021 speaking to PPF Mr. Ahmed Faraz said that he cover the news about the tweet of SP Aisha Butt in which she shared about the violation of merit policy in transfers and postings. After this Her Husband Mr. Wahab who is SP level officer threatened me and said He will kill me. Ahmed further said He did not registered any FIR or submit any Application. Her Tweets were very serious so IG Punjab Mr. Inam Ghani himself transferred both of them. "

Category of Incident


ICCS Status

ICCS Divisions: 0201- Assaults and threats

ICCS Group: 02012-Threat

ICCS Class: 020121-Serious Threat

ICCS Crime: Assaults and threats

Reported By

Freedom Network

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Name of affected person

Ahmed Faraz

Other affected persons

No other person affected

Name of affected organization

Geo News

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No other organization affected

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Crime Reporter

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Age of victim

47 years old

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Amount of compensation announced by government: No compensation announced by Government

Date of compensation announcement by government: N/A

Date of compensation paid by government: N/A

Amount of compensation announced by others: No compensation announced by Government

Date of compensation announced by others: N/A

Date compensation paid by others: N/A

FIR Details

Was FIR registered ?: No

Court Details

Was case investigated ?: FIR not registered

Court where case was presented: Case not presented in any court

Name of prosecuting lawyer: Case not presented in any court

Date of first court hearing:

Date of last court hearing:

Status of court case: Case not presented in any court

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Not required to contact

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Not required to contact

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Press club 1: N/A

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