Jameel Farooqui says police tortured, stripped him down

Senior Anchorperson Bol News Jameel Farooqui, while handcuffed and being escorted by Islamabad Police, said he was tortured and stripped naked.

“On order of the Interior Ministry, just because I am speaking the truth, they tortured, stripped me naked and slapped me. Islamabad Police have secured my transit remand from court to bring me to the federal capital city from Karachi,” Jameel Farooqui said this while talking to Bol News Anchorperson Faysal Aziz Khan, apparently at the Karachi airport.

Jameel Farooqui requested Faysal to please convey his family and Bol News office about his situation.

Consoling him, Faysal Aziz said don’t worry, the entire nation was with him. “Show courage.”

Jameel Farooqui shifted to unknown place in Islamabad

Federal police have shifted Bol TV senior anchorperson Jameel Farooqui to an…

The transmission of BOL News TV has been blocked in different cities of the country under the instruction of the PEMRA.

PEMRA has ordered the cable operators to blackout the transmission of the BOL News TV across the county.

PTI resigned MNA Lal Chand Malhi raised the issues of blockage of Bol News TV transmission and the arrest of Bol TV senior anchorperson Jameel Farooqui.

PTI Senior Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi confirmed that his Multan press conference was shown live by the only Bol channel.

The meeting also appreciated the Bol TV all-night coverage of Bani Gala on Sunday-Monday night.

There was a demand to raise the issue of the government’s retaliatory action against Bol TV.

Imran Khan endorsed the demand and decided that Imran Khan will also mention the name of Bol TV in his speeches in the future.


Source: Bol News

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