PEMRA warns TV channels to refrain from airing content against state institutions

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Tuesday warned all television channels to refrain from airing content against state institutions.

The electronic media regulator directed the TV channels to avoid spreading propaganda, misinformation and disinformation against the institutions.

According to PEMRA, the misinformation and disinformation spread by the news, programme anchors, guests or analysts cast aspersions against the institutions.

The statement issued by PEMRA said that the “airing of such content is in violation of the directives issued by the authority, provisions of PEMRA Electronic Media (programmes and advertisements) Code of Conduct 2015 and the principles laid down by the Superior Courts.”

“… all satellite TV channel licensees are hereby directed to follow the principles laid down in the Constitution as well as the judgement of the Supreme Court of Pakistan passed in suo moto case no 28 of 2018 and the judgement of the Islamabad High Court passed in Criminal Original No 270/2019 dated 25-11-2019 and ensure strict compliance to the relevant provisions of PEMRA laws,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) said that it has always supported the freedom of expression and freedom of the media, however, it condemns any disinformation against the institutions.

PBA, in its statement, said that the association is working with the government and other media organisations to formulate rules against disinformation, especially the spread of disinformation on social media which is harming journalism.

“Encouraging responsible use of social media and discouraging disinformation is the most important need of the hour,” read the statement.

The association said that disinformation is not only harming the country and institutions but also fuelling insecurity, intolerance and instability.


Source: Pakistan Press Foundation

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