PIC imposes fine on PESCO CEO for not sharing information with citizen

ISLAMABAD, Dec 20 (APP): The Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) has imposed a fine equivalent to the salary of 15 days on the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) for not providing information to a citizen under the Right of Access to Information Act, 2017. The citizen, Wasim Mehsud, had filed an appeal to the PIC seeking information regarding the list of transformers, HT and LT poles, and different wires installed in district Tank for the past three years.

He also sought information about the location of these installations, the type of equipment used, and any maintenance or repair work conducted during this period. Additionally, he requested details about officials responsible for collecting money on illegal connections, along with any inquiry conducted regarding this practice. Despite multiple hearing notices issued to PESCO, no representative appeared before the Commission. Consequently, the Commission proceeded with ex parte proceedings and directed PESCO to share the requested information within 10 days, excluding the location of installations due to security concerns. The PESCO CEO failed to comply with the order and neither submitted response nor appeared before the Commission even after a show cause notice was issued. In view of PESCO’s non-compliance, the PIC invoked Section 20(f) of the Right of Access to Information Act and imposed the fine on the CEO. The Commission directed the Secretary Energy (Power Division) to recover the penalty from the CEO’s salary and submit a compliance report. It also reiterated its previous order requiring PESCO to share the requested information without lapse of time.


Source: PPF

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