Asma Sherazi

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PTI deleted the Tweets including list of Good and Bad Journalists

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"On December 4, 2021 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), a ruling party of Pakistan, tweeted two lists of good and bad journalist and deleted them soon after. In two tweets, PTI Lahore named journalists who promote the narrative of the corrupt and praising some other journalists for “fighting for the war of truth & justice.” Though the two tweets have been deleted, one of its screenshots shows Hamid Mir, Asma Shirazi, Naseem Zehra, Najam Sethi, Talat Hussain, and Mansoor Ali as promoting the narrative of the corrupt. The second list includes Imran Riaz Khan, Maleeha Hashmy, Sabir Shakir, Kashif Abbasi, Ghulam Hussain, Sami Ibrahim, Moeed Pirzada, Abdul Qadir, and Shiffa Yousafzai. Pakistan federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) and many journalists of Pakistan expressed anger over tweets. Ishaq Khan Khaqwani, a former federal minister and a PTI leader, said if there are allegations against journalists, they should provide answers. “Journalists are part of this society which they routinely term corrupt. For them, everybody from SHO to a trader to government officers, everybody is corrupt. Now when somebody is calling you corrupt, clarify your position.” Khaqwani said many journalists had made vast sums of money since the 1990s. “In the 1990s these journalists had nothing, and now they are rich. Why should I not ask where they got this money.” Asma Shirazi, who is on the list promoting the corrupt narrative, termed it a badge of honor for her. “If you think criticizing the government makes a bad journalist, what greater badge of honour can be for a journalist.” Commenting on the two lists, veteran journalist Muhammad Ziauddin said that a journalist is good if he or she reports in the government’s favor but becomes bad in case of negative news. However, he added this had been the attitude of every government in Pakistan. “The role of media is that of a watchdog, and therefore, the relations with those in power always remain fraught.” Talking to DW Urdu, Ziauddin recalled that the PMLN government had also issued such a list. “It included my name. At that time, I was editor of The News. On top of the list was Nusrat Javeed.” He added that low-level employees in the information ministry and the intelligence agencies prepared such lists. The current one, he said, also includes journalists who have been questioning the establishment’s role in politics."

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Journalism Pakistan

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Asma Sherazi

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Nasee Zehri, Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Talat Hussain, Manoor Ali

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)







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