Dr. Moeed Pirzada

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Accusers are not arrested.

Summary of Case

"Two other anchor persons booked in a case of violation and incitement on May 9 by Islamabad police on June 13, 2023. A citizen named Majid Mehmood has registered a case against the two journalists, Moeed Pirzada and Sabir Shakir, Moeed is in the USA while Sabir Shakir is in the UK. Speaking to PPF, Meerwais, producer for 92 News Islamabad told PPF that Moeed Pirzada left 92 News and left 92 News the case which was registered on him and Sabir Shakir might be inciting the public on May 9, 2023. “Mooed is not in country and we can also communicate him via emails as he doesn’t want to provide his contact details to anyone in Pakistan” Meewais added. The First Information report (FIR) was registered by a local citizen of Islamabad Majid Mehmood in Aabpara police station under sections 120, 121,121A, 131, 21 ATA, ATA 11W and 7 ATA. According to The News, the arrest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan had triggered a response from the supporters of his party in the shape of deadly protests in major cities. Several party leaders and thousands of workers have so far been booked in connection with the violent protests that saw attacks on the state and military installations and the deaths of numerous people. In a tweet, Pirzada stated that this combined with the FIRs against Wajahat Saeed Khan (New York) & Shaheen Sehbai (Washington) makes it clear that these bogus FIRs (registered 35 days after May 9, 2023) are not being registered because of what any one did or said (as was being argued against Maj. Adil Raja Sb) but through a well thought out script/plan that aims to intimidate & silence all remaining critics of Pakistan's military controlled regime from across the free world (UK, US and Canada etc). Earlier the case was registered against four journalists on the same charges."

Category of Incident

Case Register

ICCS Status

ICCS Divisions: 0202 -Acts against liberty

ICCS Group: 02022-Deprivation of liberty

ICCS Class: 020222-Illegal restraint

ICCS Crime: Acts against liberty

Reported By

Pakistan Observer

Date of incident






Name of affected person

Dr. Moeed Pirzada

Other affected persons

Sabir Shakir

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Other affected organizations


Action by

By a local citizen of Islamabad, Majid.




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Compensation Details

Amount of compensation announced by government: No compensation announced

Date of compensation announcement by government: No compensation announced

Date of compensation paid by government: No compensation announced

Amount of compensation announced by others: No compensation announced

Date of compensation announced by others: No compensation announced

Date compensation paid by others: No compensation announced

FIR Details

Was FIR registered ?: Yes

Date of FIR: 14/06/2023

FIR Details: FIR number: 494/23

Police station of FIR: Aabpara police station.

Name of complainant: Majid Mehmood

Name of accused in FIR: Sabir Shakir and Dr. Moeed Pirzada

Court Details

Was case investigated ?: No

Court where case was presented: Case is not in any court

Name of prosecuting lawyer: Case is not in any court

Date of first court hearing:

Date of last court hearing:

Status of court case: Case is not in any court

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Press Club Status

Press club 1: National Press Club Islamabad Vice President Myra Azam told PPF that due to the serious allegations by citizens against the media professionals which are “unrealistic and baseless”, they would call a protest for the dismissal of the FIRs.

Press club 2: N/A

Press club 3: N/A