Gul Bukhari

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Case Update Status

Case closed as FIA didn't do further investigation and Gul Bukhari said she didn't received any notice. No one have her contact number she is out of pakistan

Summary of Case

"On February 12, 2020 Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) summoned UK based Pakistani journalist Gul Bukhari over her defamatory remarks against state institutions of the country. Bukhari lives in the United Kingdom (UK). A vocal critic of the military, Bukhari is a journalist and activist who has worked in broadcast and print for several media groups in Pakistan. She currently resides in the United Kingdom. FIA issued a notice in which she was directed to reach Pakistan within 30 days to clear her position regarding her alleged propaganda on social media against the Government of Pakistan. Otherwise, a case would be registered against her under the terrorism charges. According to the notice, the agency would also seek Bukhari’s extradition from the United Kingdom through Interpol, and could seize any property that Bukhari has in Pakistan. Bukhari was summoned for her columns in which she shared critical views of Pakistan’s government for the Indian news websites The Quint and The Print, and frequently posts political commentary on her Twitter account, where she has 345,000 followers. On Feb 12, 2020, in an interview with Dawn Bukhari said that she had not been formally served with any papers, and said she did not know what sparked the agency’s threats. She said she has no plans to return to Pakistan in response to the summons. Bukhari, who is a dual British-Pakistani citizen, said she did not believe she would be extradited from the United Kingdom, but said she felt she would need to be cautious if she traveled to other countries. Gul Bukhari did not came to Pakistan for any inquiry. "

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ICCS Divisions: 0209 -Defamation or insult

ICCS Group: 02099-Other defamation or insult

ICCS Class: N/A

ICCS Crime: Defamation or insult

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The Nation

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Gul Bukhari

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No other person affected

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No other person affected

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No other organization affected

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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)




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Social media activist

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Amount of compensation announced by government: No compensation Announced

Date of compensation announcement by government: N/A

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Date of compensation announced by others: N/A

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Was FIR registered ?: No

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Was case investigated ?: N/A

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Status of court case: N/A

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