Journalist Aatish Mehsud seriously injured by the local corrupted constructor.

FOE Link or motive by PPF


Case Update Status

No accuser have been arrested till date.

Summary of Case

"On October 16, 2022 in south Waziristan social activist and regional reporter of Wehdat News Astish Mehsud was coming from the coverage of tribal council near village Toora when accuser Najeeb Mehsud and three other members of him attacked on Aatish and when he was beating him Najeeb said “Why are you reporting against me If you wrote the news this will happen with you in future too”. FIR was not registered, but the brother of Aatish Mehsud submitted the complaint in police station. Aatish was under attacked because “Aatish Mehsud covered a news story for using defective material in the construction of Wana to Makeen road for which government approved funds for repairing of the road but the tender is not working on the road. Aatish Mehsud is currently working in Wahdat News Peshawar. "

Category of Incident


ICCS Status

ICCS Divisions: 0201- Assaults and threats

ICCS Group: 02011- Assault

ICCS Class: 020112- Minor assault

ICCS Crime: Assaults and threats

Reported By


Date of incident






Name of affected person

Aatish Mehsud

Other affected persons

No other person was affected

Name of affected organization

Daily Wehdat

Other affected organizations

No other person was affected

Action by

Local constructor Najeeb Mehsud.


South waziristan




Regional Reporter

Professional category


Age of victim


Marital Status


Compensation Details

Amount of compensation announced by government: No compensation announced

Date of compensation announcement by government: No compensation announced

Date of compensation paid by government: No compensation announced

Amount of compensation announced by others: No compensation announced

Date of compensation announced by others: No compensation announced

Date compensation paid by others: No compensation announced

FIR Details

Was FIR registered ?: Yes

Date of FIR:

FIR Details: FIR Number: 427/22

Police station of FIR: Tiaraza police station

Name of complainant: Aatish Mehsud

Name of accused in FIR: Najeeb Mehsud

Court Details

Was case investigated ?: Police is tracing for the accusers

Court where case was presented: Police is tracing for the accusers

Name of prosecuting lawyer: Police is tracing for the accusers

Date of first court hearing:

Date of last court hearing:

Status of court case: Police is tracing for the accusers

Journalist Union Status


According to Nasir Hussain, president of the Khyber Union of Journalists, the attack on Journalist Aatish Mehsud is extremely condemnable, and the government should provide safety and legal aid to the reporter. "Journalism is a precious profession, and in society, unmasking the perpetrators is a responsibility of journalists, and such attacks are shrinking the space of press freedom," Hussain added.




Condemn Status

Colleague of victim

Not required to contact

Employer organization

According to Nasir Dawar, editor of the newspaper Wahdat, Aatish Mehsud is experiencing threats as a result of his news stories highlighting corruption in road building.

Press Club Status

Press club 1: "On October 17, 2022 senior vice president of South Waziristan press club Farooq Mehsud told PPF that Aatish Mehsud is a citizen journalist in Waziristan and he is not member of any press club and he currently working for a local newspaper named “Safeer”. “Aatish covered a news story on local road of Waziristan, the local road’s contract was given by Army to a local contracter here in Waziristan, the name of contracter is “Najeeb” Aatish wrote story on the defective material used by the contracter in the construction of road”. Mehsud added. “After his mews Najeeb and Aatish’s rivalry was on going but yesterday it became more worsen that Najeeb attacked on Aatish and brutually did violence on him”. Farooq told. “Aatish is in local hospital right now and Aatish and his family will come in evening from hospital”. Mehsud added."

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