Munawar Hussain

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The case is in Model Court Kandiaro

Summary of Case

"On Jan 17, 21, Munawar Hussain, 92 News reporter, and Noman Memon, reporter of Sindh TV channel in Mehrabpur, Naushahro Feroze district in Sindh province, received injuries when a landlord attacked them. The attack was result of news reports the two journalists filed on chicken fight in the area, according to their colleagues. The two journalists received injuries. However, they were not life-threatening. Police said the attack did not take place in Naushahro Feroze district and instead it happened in Khairpur district and the two journalists should approach police there. The attack case against the landlord has not yet been registered. Speaking to PPF, Mr. Munawwar Hussain said that He and His fellow Noman Memon was attacked by Sardar Zaheer Hajana while they were covering cock fight. They were abducted and held incommunicado for three hours. Sardar Zaheer Hajana, who gambled during his imprisonment, was tortured along with his followers. PPP chief Zaheer Hajana had the support of Barrister Shiraz Rajpar (Lawyer, Faryal Talpur and Khurshid Shah) as Zaheer Hajana is his front man. They took our photos with weapons to put pressure on us. Gambling on cockfighting takes place every week near Mehrabpur and Akri Border Village Totah. As they are very influential people after support from Sukkur Union of Journalists and Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist (PFUJ) we resolve this matter after conversation. "

Category of Incident


ICCS Status

ICCS Divisions: 0201- Assaults and threats

ICCS Group: 02011- Assault

ICCS Class: 020111- Serious assault

ICCS Crime: Assaults and threats

Reported By

Freedom Network

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Name of affected person

Munawar Hussain

Other affected persons

Noman Memon

Name of affected organization

92 News

Other affected organizations

Sindh TV

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Naushahro Feroze





Professional category


Age of victim

36 years old

Marital Status


Compensation Details

Amount of compensation announced by government: No compensation announced by Government

Date of compensation announcement by government: N/A

Date of compensation paid by government: N/A

Amount of compensation announced by others: No compensation announced by Government

Date of compensation announced by others: N/A

Date compensation paid by others: N/A

FIR Details

Was FIR registered ?: No

Court Details

Was case investigated ?: FIR not registered

Court where case was presented: No case registered in court

Name of prosecuting lawyer: No case registered in court

Date of first court hearing:

Date of last court hearing:

Status of court case: No case registered in court

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Condemn Status

Colleague of victim

Not required to contact

Employer organization

Not required to contact

Press Club Status

Press club 1: Mehrabpur Press Club

Press club 2: Sukkur Prss Club

Press club 3: PFUJ