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Case Update Status

Case Closed as channel resumed after 3 three days on banned.

Summary of Case

"On Aug 31, 20 Electronic media regulator PEMRA has suspended the license of 24 News Television for airing hateful content. The regulator said that the channel aired the objectionable content without exercising editorial control during its Moharram transmission. PEMRA said it received complaints from viewers through social media. Acting on those complaints, the authority suspended the license under Section 30 (3) of PEMRA ordinance. PEMRA has also issued a show-cause notice to 24 News and given them 14 days to respond. On 30-Oct-2020, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has strongly condemned the misuse of PEMRA laws for score-settling and arm twisting of media, quite evident in Channel 24’s case, as its entire operations remain suspended since August 31. President Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary-General Nasir Zaidi criticized the ruthless and uncalled for PEMRA policies. They said the regulator had become politicized and following an anti-media agenda instead of acting as an autonomous and independent body. They reminded that due to inhumane and anti-worker PEMRA policies, around 1000 employees of Channel 24 might lose jobs. PFUJ leadership urged the government and PEMRA to shun anti-media policies for ensuring the media’s independence and better government-media relations. They demanded immediate restoration of Channel 24. On Apr 10, 2020, Bureau Chief of 24 News Channel Mr. Asif Jafri told PPF that channel was resumed after three days of suspension and the content was not objectionable. "

Category of Incident


ICCS Status

ICCS Divisions: 0803-Acts related to freedom of expression or control of expression

ICCS Group: 08032 -Acts related to expressions of controlled social beliefs and norms

ICCS Class: 080321 -Violations of norms on religious beliefs/views

ICCS Crime: Acts related to freedom of expression or control of expression

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Journalism Pakistan

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No other person affected

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24 News

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No other organization affected

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Pakistan Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA)




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Amount of compensation announced by government: No compensation Announced

Date of compensation announcement by government: N/A

Date of compensation paid by government: N/A

Amount of compensation announced by others: No compensation Announced

Date of compensation announced by others: N/A

Date compensation paid by others: N/A

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Was FIR registered ?: No

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Was case investigated ?: N/A

Court where case was presented: N/A

Name of prosecuting lawyer: N/A

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Status of court case: N/A

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Asif Jafri Bureau Chief of 24 News

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Press club 1: PFUJ

Press club 2: N/A

Press club 3: N/A