Thatta journalist who highlighted havoc caused by rain arrested

KARACHI—Sindh Police have arrested a journalist who went missing for 24 hours while reporting on the coastal area and bringing to light the devastation caused by the rains.

According to Freedom Network, police arrested Ilyas Samu, a Thatta-based journalist reporting for Sindhi newspaper Awami Awaz from the coastal area of Thatta. Reportedly, the journalist was booked after he raised his voice to rehabilitate the rain victims.

Journalist Imtiaz Chandio, while sharing Samu’s photo in handcuffs along with a police official, took to twitter, stating: “This poor journalist, Ilyas Samu, doesn’t belong from Islamabad, but reports on the issues of the coastal belt including Keti Bandar and Kharo Chan, in the Sindhi daily Awami Awaz newspaper.”

According to him, Samu was arrested by the police in a false case. “It is also alleged that influential MPAs of the constituency are involved,” he stated.

Police have registered an FIR against Samu.


Source: Journalism Pakistan

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