Imran Riaz, Aftab Iqbal arrested

LAHORE: Anchorpersons Imran Riaz Khan and Aftab Iqbal were arrested by the police on Thursday. Imran Riaz Khan was arrested at Sialkot Airport for allegedly inciting violence during clashes between security forces and supporters of former prime minister Imran Khan. Sources said Imran Riaz was about to fly to Muscat from Sialkot Airport when the FIA offloaded him from the plane and handed him over to the police. The anchor has been shifted to an unknown place by the police. However, police have not released any statement regarding Imran Riaz’s arrest. Meanwhile, anchor and television host Aftab Iqbal was reportedly arrested from his farmhouse in Lahore. Daughter of Aftab Iqbal confirmed the news of his arrest on Twitter. Both journalists are staunch supporters of Imran Khan and his policies and were very vocal in their support.


  Source: The News

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