PPF calls for investigation into attack on Bol News anchorperson Sami Abrahim

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) condemns the attack on Bol News anchorperson Sami Abrahim and calls for an investigation into the incident.

According to media reports, Abrahim was attacked by a transgender person outside the Bol News office in Islamabad. As per Dawn, the transgender person had asked him for money and when he gave Rs100, the individual “grabbed him from his hand and started shouting and abusing him”.

The report added that a second transgender indiviual came and made a video and started abusing the journalist and then a group of 4-5 people came and beat Abrahim.

Head Moharrar of Aabpara Police Station, Farooq told PPF that an application of the incident was registered soon after the attack but no further action was taken.

Bol News Bureau Chief Ghulam Murtaza told PPF that Abrahim was going back home when some assailants attacked him on July 9. An application of the incident was registered within half an hour of the incident. Aabpara Police Station and Bol News office share walls, the police reacted immediately and demanded CCTV footage and pictures of the attackers which channel provided them but no further action was taken by authorities, he said.

“It was a pre-planned attack and attackers have detailed information about Sami, they even know that Sami has heart related issues so they attacked exactly there,” Murtaza added.

In the CCTV footage, Abrahim is seen walking when an individual approaches him. Eventually he appears to be handing over something after which the person shoves him. Another person then comes followed by a few others. Sami then appears to run back toward his office. The assailant and another individual appear to have some conversation and at the end of the CCTV footage, the various individuals head in different directions.

PPF urges authorities to follow up on the complaint and ensure an investigation into the attack is conducted. If this incident is a targeted attack in relation to Abrahim’s work, the authorities must ensure that the perpetrators are apprehended.


Source: Pakistan Press Foundation

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