PPF condemns the life threats given to journalist Haroon Tanoli for his reporting

The Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) calls authorities to take immediate legal action against Haroon Abbasi, the head of the administration of the tribal council for threatening the journalist Haroon Tanoli, a reporter of Neo News for reporting against the decision of the tribal council.

Tanoli who is also a joint secretary of the Abbottabad press club was threatened by Haroon Abbasi, the administration of the tribal council in Sarla town near Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on May 6, 2023.

Tanoli is also an active social media user as well, he is running a Facebook page “Victory media group Abbottabad”.

According to Tanoli, Abbasi called and sent threatening texts to him after he reported on a family dispute discussed in the tribal council. Tanoli reported the story on his Facebook page after which Abbasi threatened him.

Asia News correspondent from Abbottabad Syed Kamal Hussain Shah confirmed that Tanoli’s reporting on a local girl and man who were forced to divorce by the tribal council without any reason or payment of 5 lacs was the cause of Abbasi’s threat.

Sardar Naveed Ahmed, senior vice president of the Abbottabad press club told PPF that the tribal council announced a biased decision in the matter of two local families dispute whose case was discussed in the council. Tanoli highlighted the issue in the news. After his reporting on social media, Abbasi threatened Tanoli for reporting against him.

Raja Muneer Khan, general secretary of the Abbottabad press club, told PPF that Tanoli did a press conference at the press club yesterday. However, the First Information Report (FIR) has not been registered yet, but Tanoli will register the FIR.

Saqib Khan, president of the Abbottabad Union of Journalists, explained that a local person did a love marriage in court, and after the court marriage, the girl’s family forced the boy to divorce her. This whole incident was reported by Tanoli, after which the administration of the tribal council threatened Tanoli and he was trolled on social media as well.

“Being a president of the Abbottabad press club, the union decides to take this matter to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), and for life threats, the union will report the matter in the police station Cantt” Khan added.

The press club has strongly condemned the issue and also demanded a fair and prompt investigation for the journalist.

Allah Bux, Neo News Out station reporter, reported that Tanoli informed the organization yesterday, and he was trolled on social media, and the tribal council’s administration threatened him as well for his reporting on the family dispute. The organization is also taking action and will pursue legal action against the culprits.

PPF calls for legal action against the head of the tribal council Haroon Abbasi and also demands a fair and prompt investigation of this case, safety of journalists should be a priority the safety of journalists is crucial for upholding democratic values and protecting freedom of expression.


Source: PPF

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