Role of media vital

Role of media vital for creating awareness about corona vaccine’

Islamabad: Prime Minister’s Task Force on Science and Technology cum Head of Corona Task Force Chairman Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman on Saturday urged upon the media to play its vital role to create an awareness campaign regarding the benefits of vaccination against the coronavirus.

In an interview, Dr. Atta Rahman said availability of the vaccine is another problem facing nowadays and the concerned authorities are making utmost efforts for importing vaccines from abroad on an urgent basis.

He said day by day the corona cases are increasing in the country and to have vaccination once would not be sufficient enough to protect ourselves as there are imminent chances that the virus may attack again but it is of mild intensity.

“In order to disseminate information, the media not only has the role of reporting authentic news but also protects the nation from false news that could potentially undermine the government’s efforts in combating Covid-19 deadly virus,” he said.

He regretted that new variant ”Indian delta” virus cases were increasing due to non-compliance with the SOPs and as a result the number of patients was also rising in hospitals due to negligence.

The Indian based variant in the fourth wave of coronavirus had already started and the masses should follow strict guidelines of government to overcome this burden, adding, smart lockdowns and other restrictions could be intensified if people continue the habit of SOPs violation in public places.

Every citizen is required to get Covid-19 vaccination, wear face masks and act upon the SOPs properly, he said, adding, the government wants people to observe the SOPs so that the government is not required to impose any restriction.

The National Command and Operations Centre has issued new coronavirus guidelines for the country and is holding daily meetings to check intensity and hot spot areas where the cases are rising rapidly, he added.

Dr Atta said delta variant cases across the country were reported in large numbers, adding, Sindh reported the highest number of cases as compared to other provinces.

He said overall COVID-related health graph was quickly spreading globally, adding, the fourth wave is more dangerous than the previous waves.

The government is closely monitoring the situation but Media and public cooperation is need of the hour to tackle the critical health situation, he added.

He once again encouraged masses to overcome vaccine hesitancy and urged them not to believe in rumours relating to the COVID-19 vaccine as all types of vaccine is safe and secure.

Replying to a query, he said global leaders have lauded Pakistan’s leadership in scientific innovation and decisive action to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, as the country gets set to begin the world’s largest vaccination drive against the novel coronavirus.

Source: The News

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